EKC Sheppey Secondary and Sheppey United FC Announce a Community Partnership to empower young talent and community spirit!

“We are delighted to partner with EKC Sheppey Secondary in this impactful initiative”, said Tony Hughes, Sheppey United Chairman. “This collaboration embodies our shared commitment to supporting young people of the Isle and enriching the Sheppey community”.

January Lorman, Headteacher of EKC Sheppey Secondary, echoed this sentiment: “This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for our students to connect with local sporting heroes and benefit from their insights on sport, teamwork, goal setting and perseverance both on and off the pitch. We are confident that this program will have a positive impact on both our school and the wider community”.

Sheppey United and EKC Sheppey Secondary look forward to a successful partnership that empowers young people, strengthens community spirit, and celebrates ‘the beautiful game’.

Stay tuned for more details!

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