Our smart but affordable uniform will enable our students to feel pride in themselves and our school, but being much more comfortable than a traditional uniform, will also allow them to feel more comfortable at school and enable teachers to focus on what really matters: teaching and learning.

There is no data to prove that an expensive uniform has any impact on achievement (1st-degree students from Oxbridge don’t wear a uniform), and with the cost-of-living crisis, schools must be more responsible when deciding on a uniform to ensure that they do not place an unnecessary financial strain on families. It is also an exciting opportunity for us to reduce conversations around what a young person wears to school and focus on their achievement.

Students will come to school in their PE Kit on the day they have their afternoon of PE. They may wear any weather-appropriate sports kit for their PE lessons. Shorts must be knee-length and baggy; no cycling shorts/hot pants or vest tops/crop tops. If they do not bring an appropriate kit with them, they will be loaned one from the PE Department.

The PE Department will provide a sports kit for sports fixtures.

Current OAIoS students will have their uniforms funded. Year 6 families can purchase the new uniform from Forster’s in Sheerness.