Stepping into January, with January Lorman and EKCSS’ First school Blog

A Happy New Year to you all! 

The new year’s fireworks haven’t faded yet; EKC Sheppey Secondary is bursting with energy! My first week has been a whirlwind of exciting encounters with colleagues, partners and future students.  

In the first of our EKCSS blog posts, let me share a sneak peek into the bold future we’re building together. 

I spent last week touring the home of EKC Sheppey Secondary. I met some exceptional Year 8 students – polite, enthusiastic and a true reflection of Sheppey’s spirit with warm and dedicated staff on hand and in support. The actual focus of my visit was the future building work taking place this summer, and I’m excited to see our plans take shape.  

I also had the wonderful experience of visiting Queenborough Primary, which is also part of our Trust. The passion for learning radiating from staff and pupils was amazing. Indeed, I met with several Primary Heads; building strong relationships is vital to a successful transition, and these visits have fuelled my excitement and belief in what we are building. We have some exciting plans for Year 6, and I can’t wait to share more later in the year. 

When you read this, I hope, like me, you’ll have enjoyed our Parent and Staff events (17th January), meeting me and colleagues from across our very supportive and unique trust, EKC Schools Trust. I do hope you’ll continue to support us! 

This is the first of a regular series of updates, and I look forward to sharing more exciting developments.

Please stay tuned!