Year 6 – Welcome to EKCSS!

Get ready to achieve your ambitions!

EKC Sheppey Secondary is here to nurture every student’s unique spark and enable your child to achieve their ambitions.

Whether academic or professional specialism, further study or a chosen career, our curriculum is rich, rigorous and relevant, and there’s a pathway for everyone.

We’re here to champion mastery (not just milestones), fuel aspiration and achievement, and cheer students on every step of the way. EKC Sheppey Secondary is a learning community where every student thrives… where belonging meets brilliance.

Our Commitment to Students

Our Headteacher will visit all primaries in Sheppey through Term 4 to meet the Year 6s, parents, and carers and allow families to ask questions.

In the summer term, we will be hosting transition events so our students can meet staff and start building those very important relationships, get to know their peers and take part in fun activities and events. With our wealth of experience in primary education, including on Sheppey, we know the critical importance of transition and will ensure every child feels really confident before they start their new school.   

And we look forward to sharing more details about our out-of-this-world event very soon!

This project is designed to celebrate everything our thriving and vibrant island has to offer, from historical achievements to nature to our local heroes—the choice is yours!

There are lots of exciting prizes to win, and by entering, you are in with a chance to have your work displayed at IslandWorks, The Dockyard Church later in the year! 

Deadline for entry: 21st June 2024

Submitting your entries:

Please share the pupil/class name and the name of your school.

You can email entries to

Or deliver entries to Sheppey College

Prizes for whole class or class group and individual entries, including:

Class prizes: 1st prize is a VR experience for the whole class in partnership with Sheppey College*, with tasty treats for 2nd and 3rd place winners

Individual prizes: 1st prize is a Light Family Cinema Voucher worth £50. Our 2nd and 3rd place winners will enjoy a Bosuns voucher worth £30 and an Amazon voucher worth £10 (respectively)

We will also have special awards for the best artist’s impression of Sheppey Heroes, Sheppey History, Sheppey Nature, and Sheppey Future, with each winner enjoying a £20 Amazon voucher.

So ready, get set and go show your love for Sheppey!

Winners will be announced on Wednesday 26th June, with a ‘surprise’ prizegiving in class for the lucky winners!**

[*VR experience date to be agreed to take place July/Term 6]

[** Special thanks in advance to Headteachers for their support in enabling us to visit the school for a short presentation].

To reduce the anxiety around transition, we have intentionally designed our Year 7 teaching spaces and approach to reflect that of a primary school, giving your child time to grow into being a secondary school student whilst still experiencing all the wonders of high school.

Students will be taught most of their timetable by the same teacher. This will enable them to become the experts for that child, and they will liaise closely with their Year 6 teachers and staff to ensure they can get the very best out of them from day one.  

In addition to this, Year 7 will have its own building and outside area, which will make it feel like it is in a much smaller and more nurturing environment.

Our Year 7 ‘Class of 2024’ are very lucky because there will not be any KS4 students at EKC Sheppey Secondary in 2024, so they will have a lot more space to explore and grow into the future student leaders of our school. 

We were delighted to host parents and carers of current Year 6 over the last few months to showcase EKC Sheppey Secondary and what makes us special. It has also been a pleasure to visit all the island primaries, meet and greet parents, and meet with this year’s incredible Year 6 students!

Our Commitment to Parents